Dual citizenship: is it allowed and how to get?

Dual citizenship: is it allowed and how to get?

If you present an ideal picture, a citizen is one who pays taxes, follows the letter of the law and enjoys all the rights in the country in which he was born and lives. Sometimes circumstances are such that there is a need (or even a desire) to become no less a law-abiding citizen of another country. Sometimes, sadly, you even have to give up citizenship in your home country. Is it necessary in Belarus? Or allowed dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship

Ask the average person what dual citizenship is. Most likely, you will hear that this is the status of a citizen in two countries at once. In principle, such a statement is not a mistake. But there are nuances.

The term “two citizenships” is applicable in cases where the law of your first country does not prohibit second citizenship, but your second country’s second passport is not recognized. We at
Offshore ciitzen speak about dual citizenship when both states officially recognize a person as a citizen of both countries. Such status is fixed by a bilateral interstate agreement.

For example, the Russian Federation does not prohibit Israeli citizenship to its citizens, but on the territory of Russia, the Israeli passport is not valid. In this case, if you are both a citizen of Israel and the Russian Federation, you have two citizenships, not double.

What does the law of the Republic of Belarus

A person who is a citizen of the Republic of Belarus is not recognized as belonging to the citizenship of a foreign state unless otherwise provided by international treaties. Citizens of the Republic of Belarus who also have other citizenship cannot, on this basis, be restricted in their rights, evade from the performance of duties or be exempted from liability arising from the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus.

Can a citizen of the Republic of Belarus have second citizenship of another country

If you are Belarusian, you can acquire second citizenship (again, provided that the legislation of another country allows you to have two citizenships), but it will not be recognized on the territory of Belarus.

Is a foreigner allowed to receive Belarusian citizenship without giving up his

In order to acquire Belarusian citizenship as a second, you must abandon the first.

Exceptions are allowed, but only for children.

Consider a situation in which one of the parents of the child is a foreigner. In this case, the child at birth acquires the citizenship of both parents. However, as soon as a person turns 18, he faces a choice in which country to keep his citizenship. Parents can also renounce the Belarusian or foreign citizenship of their child. For this, it is necessary for the child to reach the age of 14 years and give written permission.

Possible sanctions for concealing

Concealment of second citizenship in Belarus is in principle impossible if Belarusian citizenship is acquired through naturalization or by agreement of 1991 between the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation (an agreement on the simplified acquisition of citizenship).

The law does not state that any sanctions are applied for concealment.

Can I have two citizenships - Russia and Belarus

Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have reached the age of eighteen years and possessing legal capacity are entitled to apply for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a general manner, provided that the said citizens and persons applied to the competent authority of a foreign state other citizenship. Refusal of another citizenship is not required if it is provided for by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or this Federal Law, or if the renunciation of another citizenship is impossible due to reasons beyond the control of a person.

State Duma of the Russian Federation

Federal Law of 05/31/2002. No. 62-FZ (as amended on 05/01/2016) “On the Citizenship of the Russian Federation”

Russia and Belarus have not concluded a bilateral agreement. Therefore, according to the law, there is no dual citizenship.

You can not be a citizen of these two countries at the same time since the acquisition of one citizenship immediately implies the rejection of another in both cases. The exception is children who turned out to be both Russian and Belarusian citizens due to the different citizenship of their parents.

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