Month: March 2018

Real Estate Questions & Answers

Builder and a House

Question: I am about to buy a home. What should I be aware of?


  • Once you have made an offer on a home, and it is accepted, you should contact an attorney who will assist you in the preparation of a purchase and sale agreement. Most brokers will prepare the purchase & sale on a preprinted form. It is important to submit this form to an attorney, as there are many protective measures that should be inserted for your benefit.
  • You should also have a home inpection done on the property. When you receive the report it should be forwareded to an attorney so that any fixures that need repair can be added to your purchase and sale agreement. By adding language to the purchase and sale regarding repairs, you are ensuring that you will receive the property in the proper condition.
  • Your attorney can also assist you in the process of applying for a mortgage should you need one.

Question: I am about to sell a home. What should I be aware of?

Answer: You need an attorney to make sure that all of your papers are in order to close on the property. Typically the seller is required to bring a deed., receipts of repairs, and evidence of payment of municipal charges to the closing. Your attorney can draft the deed and organize the additional papers so that the closing will go smoothly.

Question: Do you refinance properties? How can you help me?

Answer: Typically, the bank or mortgage company with whom you refinance employs an attorney to review the loan documentation with you. Often you can contact an attorney who will be able to assist you in finding the best rates available.