Month: April 2018

How to Use Kik Instant Messaging Application?

Kik on iPhone

A recent report suggests that the Kik Messenger has over a hundred million active users comprising mainly teenagers. It is claims that it is one of the first installed messaging app by the children. Children mainly use it as a primary messenger mainly because of its ease of use interference. It is also integrated with a web browser for teens to perform quick web searches. The app has limited features compared to its competitors but has all the features required for a basic messaging without much knowledge and experience.

kik used on android and macbook together

The application is a free to download from App Store or Play Store. Sending text messages, pictures and emojis are really fast and weights on its name as an instant messenger. Kik also allows to make voice calls over the internet to save teens mobile charges. Kik is also liked by parents as it lets them keep track on their children using gourmettodaycookbook parents can watch what their children send and receive. It also has a feature where it alerts parents if their children use abusive or adult words or any other reference which shouldn’t be used or shared. It is an award-winning application for parents who have concerns over their children’s social life. Parents can also look where the phone is using the GPS application feature.

The Kik Company also have a good support to help people specially parents to monitor their children. There is no limited feature in the app nor it charges anything feature to add. People using it can send unlimited text, pictures, video, voice records etc.

There are also cons of the application. It is well known that college and organisations ask for logins of these social apps to look what the user communicates. Colleges look if they are worthy enough to be admitted, same goes to employers. The best rule is to not post bad things.